After a conversation today, I found myself considering my “single” situation, and I have come to the conclusion that just like any other almost 22 year-old girl, I am beginning to imagine a biological clock of some sorts. But, I realized that as much as I want to share my life with someone, or create a life with someone, I’ve got to have my own life, and that special someone has to have a life as well. If you possess no life of your own, how can you share it with someone? Thus, I need to learn to be content with building the life I want to live and waiting for the man who will come to me, ready to share his life as well.

As someone who doesn’t fit the “prescribed” physical appearance mold, I’m tired of my personality not being enough. Honestly, I’m never going to be that 150 pounder with a perfect butt and long hair don’t care. At Vanderbilt I”m reminded of that mess everyday. Nobody wants to be judged on their looks, yet everyone adheres to this secret code. Some subconsciously, some consciously. It’s not realistic and will have you missing out on a lot. I’m more than enough. But, no one would ever know it or appreciate it because I don’t look “the part.” I guess this is the place to develop patience and steadfast confidence…

You gotta like yoself to be by yoself.


  • Douche: hey
  • Nice girl:
  • Douche: HEY
  • Nice girl: what?
  • Douche: you know, there should be a warning sign on my dick
  • Nice girl: excuse me?
  • Douche: yeah, it should say choking hazard lol *hi fives bros*
  • Nice girl: isn't that a label they put on small objects?

I’m so tired of these less than rappers out here objectifying women, glorifying violence, using inappropriate language, promoting excessive lifestyles, etc. … all with a couple “metaphors” and “funny” pop culture references. NOT TO MENTION they’re making copious amounts of money off of it. *deep sigh* 

This dude is my new fav rapper because his raps are complex, yet accessible and jam-packed with allusions, metaphors, similes, etc. And, the message he’s trying to get across is clear. All in a clean, logical manner. He doesn’t do it for the money he does it for the message, and that’s when I know rap is real. 

Breakfast Club tomfoolery!!! 

Breakfast Club tomfoolery!!! 

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"When your lips are on my lips, and our hearts beat as one…but you slip right out of my fingertips, every time you run…"

Love is the ability to believe in and see the best version of someone even when they barely show it. Some people would call that stupidity. So the question becomes: how do you know a person is worth the stupidity?

If only we could just talk like we used to… I loved that our conversation meant everything and nothing at the same time…but now, every word spoken is heavy with implication, and I wish we could go back.

This is an Asian elephant. And I rode one of these. 

This is an Asian elephant. And I rode one of these. 

Hol’ up, wait a minute!! …. I’m STILL in Asia!! :)

Know that…when you thought it couldn’t get any better…it did! 
So, I will save you from my underhanded complaints about the conditions here because those haven’t changed. But, our situation in the school did! We finally had a breakthrough with the teachers and got them to realize that it would be better for us to stay with the same students every day. So, I have had the great opportunity to work under the master English teacher, and it has been so much better. Not only do I not have to navigate the awkward situations with the teachers who aren’t too fond of us being there, but I also get to work with a teacher who actually loves teaching and cares about her students. Plus, the students actually recognize my face and name, and we can pick up where we left off in our lessons. Thus, all in all, I am enjoying my time in the school so much more, and it has been really rewarding to witness students progressing. I also think that some of the teachers are actually taking cues from us and realizing that English is more than grammar and sentences, so it has been quite the experience to see teachers adopting some of our techniques as well! 
Interestingly enough, our group has also bonded really well! At first the jury was out on us since we are comprised of a Mormon from Utah, a Jew from Detroit, a gay Singaporian, a Christian New Yorker, me, and a gay Buddhist site leader. (I know, sounds like a hilarious group). And I mention religion and sexual orientation because those classifications, I feel, presented us with some interesting roadblocks on the path to connecting with each other. We had to find ways to bond on a variety of levels and find common ground where we normally wouldn’t in order to mesh as a group. We had to get the talks about the very foundations of our lives out in the open, so that we could create a common foundation in a world that was completely foreign to us. But, it has been a beautiful thing to see us all bond and build real relationships during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We have even talked of spending time together back at school, so I’m happy we were able to really unite as a group to ensure our enjoyment of this trip and be a makeshift family for the month. Such varying perspectives have really made me pick apart my own beliefs and strengthen them in a great way! 
Lastly, our weekend trip was wonderful! We visited Kandy, which is a fairly popular tourist attraction due to the Temple of the Tooth, the Botanical Gardens, and the breathtaking scenery. Riding into Kandy on the train was absolutely unreal as we slowly climbed up a mountain, and the valley below us became larger and larger. I had never seen anything like it, and it got even better when we reached our hotel and could look out on the roof and see a city on a…mountain. lol Our first big stop was the Temple of the Tooth, which is a sacred religious site because it is believed that a portion of one of Lord Buddha’s tooth’s was held there. It was crazy just how many people were there praying, wearing white, and observing the history within it. And we were there during the off season! It was also a beautiful building with an intricate landscape. We unfortunately weren’t able to take our time and really explore due to how crowded it was and the limited time we had in certain rooms, etc. But, it was still cool to see. Before our visit to the temple, we went to see a Sri Lankan folk dance performance! Although you could tell the dancers weren’t exactly…how do I put this…rehearsed…it was really cool to see their traditional dances. The various dances are the same across the country with different nuances that made some of the performances look very unorganized, but also added to the folk spirit of the dances. The drummers were wonderful, and there were some great acrobatic stunts! My favorite performance was the spinning plates where a man and woman spun plates on little staffs. It took a lot of focus, balance, and patience, so I was impressed! We also saw men walk on hot coals and eat fire which was quite the spectacle as well! On Saturday, we saw and elephant here, and wait for it…I GOT TO RIDE AN ELEPHANT!! I mean, who ever really thinks they’re going to get to see an elephant outside of the zoo, let alone get to ride one! It was amazing!! And seeing the elephant herd was crazy, too! Some had tusks, and their hair is soo long! So, the morning with the elephants is definitely in the top 5 best parts of the trip! We also visited a poo paper factory, where paper is made out of the elephant’s poop because their waste is basically all fibers due to their diet of veggies, fruit, etc. It was interesting to see how they made the paper as well! We went to the Botanical Gardens for the second half of the day, and they were beautiful! There were some mammoth trees! And, that night we went to a bar and restaraunt called Slightly Chilled, and it was quite the experience! The food was great, and we stayed for dancing since it was our Sri Lankan friend’s birthday. The dancing almost got out of hand though…I guess men aren’t used to seeing women on the dance floor? We don’t know, we’re still trying to figure out why they were acting crazy. But, it was fun nonetheless!! Oh, and fun fact: we stayed in a hotel owned by a Christian family! What are the odds? They had scriptures up in the hotel and a cross hanging in the car! They were the first Christians I’ve met, so it was a breath of fresh air in a 97% Buddhist country. lol All in all, it was a great weekend trip! 
I can’t believe we only have one week left here!! Guess I’ll just have to keep livin it up!! 

My 1,000th post!!

Hey fam!!  It’s JuJu again, and I’m still in Sri Lanka having a BLAST!! This experience continues to get better and better, and all I can do is thank God that He has given me this opportunity! Sorry I’m a little late with this email, internet isn’t readily available around here, so I get to the cafe when I can (I know, you’re shocked that I don’t have immediate access to my addiction, but don’t worry I’ve been doing fine without it) ;) 

So, this past week has been quite a whirlwind! I think I have really begun to adjust to the stark differences from life in America pretty well, considering everything is different. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the stares, however. Anywho, past no AC, mosquito nets, and intense humidity and heat, other differences have really begun to open my eyes to just how different life is in Sri Lanka. The way buildings are structured and their uncleanliness is so surprising to me, and a lot of times I can barely tell if a place is opened because the doorways are barely identified and the sidewalks are not clearly defined and usually there’s trash everywhere. In America these establishments wouldn’t be able to open their doors, let alone sell products. Sri Lanka also doesn’t have an underground sewage system, so it’s been really fun walking through Moratuwa and getting hit with the stench at random times. And, after travelling this past weekend, I realized that there are not highways or anything…there are just random roads that are kind of paved in some places and not others. The van ride back was quite the rollercoaster. You can never realize how good you’ve got it until you don’t have it anymore. (This is the time at which I MUST thank my parents for working so hard so that I could have simple amenities that you could’ve cut off at any time. I didn’t think I could be any more grateful for you both, but my gratitude has definitely reached new heights.) 
Life at the school, Moratu Maha Vidalaya, couldn’t be any more interesting. Every day I see new things that are a culture shock. One day, I saw students bow to the master English teacher, showing a deep respect for her. The next day I learn that prefects (yes, they have prefects) were pulling students out of class to cut their hair if it was not up to standards. And, late students are punished for being tardy, by having to clean the yard or carry their backpacks on their heads to class, etc. Basically, I don’t know if I would make it in their world of “education”. lol In some instances, I have seen progress with our students, and in other ways, I am accepting how the language barrier and the way the school is run will be impediments we have to get around to continue to make progress. Getting a new set of classes every day along with different age groups really affects our lesson plans and keeps us on our toes at all times, but I think it has been great experience for me to gain. And, the best part is developing relationships with the students. For kids to be coming up to me and asking if I’m coming to their class, is a reward I never expected, and this is why I want to teach. You never know the impact you can make in someone’s life as a part of their education. 
Lastly, our weekend trip was EPIC. It first started with an absolutely awful 5.5 hour trip in a bus with no air condition (of course) that was packed with more people than seats. I found out later that it only costed about 2 dollars, so I guess we got our money’s worth. After finishing that bus trip we decided to pay for an air-conditioned van for the return trip. But, we arrived safely in Dam bulla on Friday and visited a cave temple that was about a 20-minute climb. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Buddhas in my life (which is a thought I have at least twice a week because Buddhas are everywhere). It was funny because we climbed a half mile up, and then once we got there some people were like: “you can’t go in, your knees are showing.” So, we had to purchase these little sarongs, which are kind of like skirts and tie around the waist, to wear while we were there. I also found it funny that all the way up the climb people were on their hustle trying to sell flowers, fake jewelry, food, etc., which I found just as disrespectful as my knees showing. How are you going to use a sacred symbol as a way to make a living? Anywho, on Saturday we climbed Sigiriya, which is a site considered to be one of the Eighth Wonders of the World! It is a rock that stands 1,214 feet high that was once a palace back in ancient times. Climbing it was soo crazy, because you were literally on the side of the rock climbing spiral stairs or very steep stone stairs. Plus, there were massive hornets’ nests hanging off of the rock, so those really added to the scare factor. It’s not enough that we’re really high up on a rock, there have to be hornets, too. But, I felt so accomplished when we reached the top! Being able to see the city from the top of that rock was an amazing feeling, and I was in awe of God and His work! I had to stop and thank Him. Interestingly enough, going back down the rock was probably more nerve-wracking than coming up, because you had to watch every step you took and fight against gravity. It was such an adventure thought, and I’m so glad I did it! We then visited Polonaruwwa, which is another archaeological site of an ancient city in Sri Lanka. I can’t even describe what it was like to be walking amongst the ruins of a city from the 12th century!! It was so cool. The only bad experience was having to use the bathroom there. It wasn’t a bathroom with stalls and toilets…the stalls just had a hole on the floor that you had to use… I think it actually took a little piece of my soul, but I made it. ;) Overall, I had an awesome time in Dam Bulla!! I never thought I would see myself hiking and spending 12-hour days sight-seeing, but I totally enjoyed it!! 
I find it appropriate that my 1,000th post is about my experiences in Sri Lanka! How much more epic can it get?!! 
I love Jesus! My family means everything to me. I am the best friend you could ever have. I'm not perfect. I'm crunk, and that's how I live my life. I am a woman of D1st1nct1on! I love to learn and hope to teach. :) I speak with my actions. And all I got? Is love. Welcome to my tumblr, a small window that will have you thinking big things. :)

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